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Directories and Guidebooks (Hardcopy Sources)

Agency and Sponsor Websites

Listed here are websites and directories provided by particular sponsors and government agencies. These sites will lead you to information about programs, solicitations/upcoming deadlines and guidelines for the funding agency.

American Cancer Society
American Heart Association
California Council for the Humanities

Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) newlogo
The CFDA site gives information not uniformly available through notices or agency program pages, including authorizing legislation, restrictions, application and award processes, and program accomplishments a category that includes the number of proposals submitted and awards made under recent competitions.

National Education Association
Orange County - Open Bids

Research Corporation
Small Business Administration
State of California - Contracts Register
The Foundation Center

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General Directories & Websites

Home page of the National Arts and Education Information Network, a cooperative agreement among the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, and the Department of Education.

CSUF Pollak Library

A Pollak Library research guide tailored for grants and grants writing. It includes a selective listing of internet sites, general and special directories, and grant writing guides.


A searchable database of public and private funding sources. Provided by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU). Available for free from any campus computer. Please contact OGC ((657) 278-2106) for username and password.


A free service that helps students, postdocs and junior faculty locate funding in the biological and medical sciences. Provided by the AAAS and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.


A comprehensive central access point for locating and acquiring government information. (incorporating is a very broad collection of information sources and links relating to science and funding for science.


A service initially developed by the Texas Research Administrators Group, that is now housed and maintained by Arizona State University East. It contains various tools and types of information, separated into separate sections, e.g links to agency forms, federal regulations, research funding opportunities, sample policies and agreements, and university departmental and sponsored research offices websites.

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Personalized Subscription Services

These free services allow you to receive notices by e-mail tailored to your particular interests and topics.

EdInfo (U.S Department of Education)

A free information service that offers 2 or 3 email messages each week announcing new reports, initiatives, grant opportunities and updates.

NEH Outlook

The monthly NEH electronic newsletter.

NIH Guide: TOC Notification

Each week the NIH transmits via listserv email, the Table of Contents (TOC) information for that weekly issue of the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts. Associated with each TOC entry is the WWW address (URL) for each Guide article.

NSF Custom News Service

This service is available to anyone wishing to know about new NSF publications. After subscribing you create your "profile" of publications that you want to be told about. This automatically creates a custom web page for you, which you access using your internet email account. You can also choose to be notified via email when new documents matching your profile are added to the NSF Online Document System. Emails include links to the electronic location of each document and/or full text of short documents.

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Hard-Copy (Non-Electronic) Sources

Yes, books and papers are still useful. The following Directories, Guidebooks, Newsletters and Subscriptions are maintained by the Office of Grants and Contracts and contain general information about sponsors, funding opportunities, forthcoming programs and deadlines, etc. Copies are available for use in the Office of Grants and Contracts, MH-112.

Carroll’s Federal Directory

Comprehensive and current information about the personnel, organizations and structure of the federal government. Includes names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. for all federal sponsors as well as the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

A weekly publication that reports on issues pertaining to Higher Education. Includes limited deadline information for fellowships, grants, institutes, workshops, papers, etc.

Directory of Research Grants

A comprehensive directory that features information regarding funding for research-related programs and projects, scholarships, fellowships, conferences, and internships. The main section lists grants programs in alphabetical order and contains annotations that describe each programs focuses and goals, program requirements, funding amounts, deadlines, CFDA number, sponsor name and address. The grant programs are also indexed by subject, sponsoring organization, program type and geographic area.

Federal Grants and Contracts Weekly

A weekly commercial newsletter that reports on federal opportunities. Usually consists of items from the Federal Register and Commerce Business Daily, therefore it’s a bit delayed, but very reliable. Also includes articles on funding trends and new regulations.

Federal Grants Management Handbook

A comprehensive source of applicable grant administration requirements. It provides an overview of the requirements facing grantees and the various methods for dealing with grant management-related problems.

Guide to International Grants and Fellowships

This guide provides information on federal and private funding programs that support research activities abroad. A select number of programs for attending meetings or conferences abroad, or for bringing foreign researchers to U.S. institutions also are included. Published by the Grants Resource Center, American Association of State Colleges and Universities.


A magazine published every two months by the National Endowment for the Humanities. In addition to including articles on the humanities, each issue contains a detailed guide to current NEH programs, contact persons, and deadlines. It also includes a list of recent awards.

Foundation Center Virtual Classroom

The Foundation Center’s website entry to various online tutorials and guides varying in topics such as the basics of grant seeking, budget development, and proposal writing short courses. Although most information is geared towards submitting proposals to foundation and corporate donors, the guidance will help in preparing proposals in general.

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