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The Office of Grants and Contracts reports to the Associate Vice President, Graduate Programs and Research, Dorota Huizinga
MH-111 x4831

The CSU Fullerton Auxiliary Services Corporation provides for "post-award" through the office of Sponsored Programs and cooperative agreements accounting and financial management of grants and contracts processed through OGC. For external awards the CSU Fullerton Auxiliary Services Corporation is legally the grantee or contractor, acting on behalf of the University; persons working on grants and contracts usually function as Foundation employees. The Auxiliary also operates the bookstore and the food services on campus. Out of the funds collected on grants, and cooperative agreements some contacts, the Auxiliary provides operating support for the post-award office, operating support for the OGC, funding for intramural grant programs, and funds distributed back to the College for their support of grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements.
Location: College Park Building, 2600 Nutwood Avenue, Suite 275 x4113

The Office of CSUF ASC, Office of Sponsored Programs provides assistance for faculty projects by assisting the OGC in processing grant proposals to private foundations, corporations. They primarily seek gifts from private foundations, corporations, and individuals.
Location: College Park Building, 2600 Nutwood Avenue, Suite 850

The University Advancement Foundation obtained the "post award" accounting and financial management for grants through the Office of University Advancement.
Location: College Park Building, 2600 Nutwood Avenue, Suite 850

The CSUF ASC OGC provided post award administration for "grants"

The University Research Committee is selected by the Academic Senate. It reviews proposals for two major intramural grant programs and reviews policy issues related to research. The Director of the OGC is an ex-officio member of the committee.

The Faculty Development Center (FDC)provides many services to faculty, primarily but not exclusively related to teaching enhancement. The FDC reviews proposals for several intramural grant programs, offers seminars, workshops, and offers individualized services as well. The Director of OGC serves on the FDC Advisory Board and marks closely with the FDC Research Coordinator in planning educational programs for faculty.


Erika Blossom, Senior Grant and Contracts Coordinator
Office: CP-205
Phone: (657)-278-2106 Extension 4544


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