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Proposal Preparation

When a proposal submission is contemplated, it is strongly suggested that the Principal Investigator contact the OGC for any inquiries concerning the proposal preparation process.

The following internal forms and approvals are required to ensure that a proposal obtains the University's endorsement prior to submission:

1. Internal Routing Form
2. Conflict of Interest form (as applicable)>
3. IRB/IACUC (as applicable)

Click here for other related forms and templates...

Basic Elements of a Proposal

The elements provided below are generally required by most funding agencies. Although each agency may require specific forms and/or formats, a proposal package typically contains the following:

* Cover Letter
* Cover Page (pre-printed or created by department) 
* Abstract or Project Summary
* Project Description/Narrative
* References
* Budget and Budget Justification
* Biographical Sketch for PI and and other Key Personnel
* Current and Pending Support for PI and Key Personnel
* Facilities/Resources
* Assurances and/or Certifications, as applicable



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